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Cardtopia: The Ultimate Gathering of Card Enthusiasts! The premier event that unites and celebrates all communities of playing card lovers from around the world.

"Memorable performances by world-renowned magicians, marvel at the dazzling displays of cardistry, get a glimpse at unique and rare playing cards and see the exclusive show product drops. Experience the thrill of card throwing, speak with the experts in the world of cards, get a tarot reading, play a new game and chat with artists that bring cards to life. Spend time with likeminded individuals and discover the myriad of ways that cards bring us fun, amazement, excitement, relaxation, human connection, and artistry.

Cardtopia offers the opportunity for everyone to discover and experience something new. It’s a unique chance to mingle with some of the best talent and figures in the world of cards while making connections that will last a lifetime. Take in the rich history or cards, see what is happening right now and get a peek at the future of cards – all in one place." (


Full event production, street team marketing, vendor management, staffing, display design, LED wall design, design of printed materials, venue vinyl wrap.





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