Lakeshore Drive-In

An event and concert series under the stars at the Adler Planetarium's parking lot. This month long event series features national and local headlining talent. Lakeshore Drive-In carries a mission to revive the entertainment industry and provide socially distanced enjoyment in a spaced-out environment.


Creative Direction, Social Media, Content


Audisbliss Co.



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Photo by @weissbro

The Super Producers as Creative Director partners for Audisbliss in their creation of Lakeshore Drive-In.

Brand Evolution

Brand identity creation for Lakeshore Drive-In; from concept to execution. Including: color guide, shapes, fonts, tone, and design templates.

Web & Mobile

Fully owned design assets used for unique social templates for each event and announcement; creating a cohesive and intentional brand overview and strategic experience.

Photography / Content

Unique photography tells the story behind our aesthetic and creates a vibrant social media experience online. 

On Site Signage

Stage banners, safety and health guidelines, credentials, directional signage.