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Transforming an empty space into a captivating masterpiece, we, a dynamic collective of producers, designers, and artists, breathe life into Chicago's iconic Water Tower Place Mall. Our creative prowess shines through as we wrote, conceptualized, designed, and constructed four distinct exhibits within a single retail space. Step into the enchanting realms of Discoball Dreamland, The Mood Room, The Secret Garden, and experience the curated brilliance of Kite's Ice Diner. Elevate your senses with our immersive artistry at the heart of innovation.

Exhibit Descriptions:

Disco Dreamland: The dance floor’s favorite accessory takes us on a spin through a dreamy disco galaxy. This exhibit reminds us that even tiny broken pieces can reflect the most beautiful arrays of light. These reflections that cast from dozens of iconic disco balls provides an important reminder; celebration is timeless. 

The Mood Room: This exhibit provides a burst of color that paints different emotions of the human mind through art and simplicity. Explore this emotional and vibrant escape, and use the psychology of color to understand feelings through creativity.

Secret Garden: This lush path is filled with secret messages and unique abstract environments… the flowers will follow you, your secrets will be captured, and together our ideas will grow. We are proud to share that these installations have mostly been made using recycled materials. 5 unique installations here inlcude: The Rose Room, Butterfly Forest, Desert Daze, Mushy Madness, & Living Luminescence.

Contributing designing artists include:

Ginny Johnson, Patrick Riley, Brandon Dorsey, Denise Munoz, & Emily Dahlquist


Brand development creation, multi-exhibit conception and design, creative production and fabrication, copy writing, social strategies, and artist curation.


Janine Williams



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