Womanish Exhibit Experience

Executive Creative Direction, Design, Production, and Curation for Womanish. We have created this brand/movement for a private client through brand identity, design, and events. The large 5-story exhibition experience will take place in Summer of 2020 and is not just another pop-up. While it will be an extremely fun, and interactive experience for all, Womanish​ was created with Womxn in mind to connect and feel empowered in an incredible environment. Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple exploratory room activations​, where each of the experiences represent an identifying factor of ​womanhood​ from various perspectives; in a space imagined and built by Womxn.


Creative Direction, Production, Curation, Brand Identity, Events







in 2019 we curated and co-produced 6 events; engaging the community and creating awareness around Womanish. Providing a safe space for experiencing Womxn's perspectives.

On March 1st, the opening of Women's History Month - we dropped a banner on the face of the venue located at 114 S. State Street in downtown Chicago.

TSP developed and designed the "experience" exhibit of Womanish with a purpose. Collectively, we did not want this to be "just another pop-up". Once the space was concepted, we went into a curatorial call for artists to gather submissions from Womxn worldwide. 



The Super Producers worked with GoodWork Studio to develop a foundation of concepts within the experience. They rendered out each of the initial concepts and later, positioned them into the space for a curated guest experience.

The Details

Detail went into each space of the experience. The production is a one-of-a-kind in quality and intentional art direction. Our concept for the Selfish Do' You Salon was Art Directed by Armani Barron. The magazine issue you to see the left was curated and designed by Armani.

The Digital

@WomanishExperience allows attendees to share their exploration of their alter-ego/ISH. 

#WeAreWomanish + #WomanishExperience