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Our client and project list is endless including: Private Clients, Mosaic, Legacy Marketing, Rolling Stone, Lo Rez Brewery, i-D, HYPNO, Clive Agency, ADROC, Vice Media, 1833, Fake Shore Drive, The Chicago Loop Alliance, Freehand Hotel, Soho House Chicago, GOODWORK Studio for Fall Out Boy, Wizard Studios, Peach, WOMANISH, Hubbard Inn, Joy District, Nike Jordan for Cold Chillen Pendulum, and more.

Harlem, NYC Brownstone Event

The Super Producers teamed up with Artist, CES to curate and takeover a historic beautiful brownstone in Harlem for Mosaic. The Super Producers highlighted the original aesthetic of the brownstone outfitted with all custom made pieces specifically tailored to this one night event. This event was concepted by Mosaic for Renaissance Hotel's Discover This Way Campaign.

The M A N I A Experience for Fall Out Boy

The Super Producers brought to life an entire experience exhibition imagined by GOODWORK Studio, Crush Music, and Fall Out Boy for fans, die-hards, and Chicago. The experience paid homage to each track on the band's recent album and homecoming performance. Our team led the fabrication management, budget, ticketing strategy, staffing, art direction, venue management, live event, run of show, and artist curations for this production.

WOMANISH Exhibit (Opening TBD)

Lead Creative Direction, Design, Production, and Curation for WOMANISH. We have created this brand/movement for a private client through brand identity, design, and pre-programming events. We are currently under production for a large exhibition experience that will take place in Spring of 2020, WOMANISH Exhibit. WOMANISH is not just another pop up. While it will be an extremely fun, and interactive experience for all, WOMAN​ISH​ was created with women in mind to connect and feel empowered in an incredible environment. Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple exploratory room activations​, where each of the experiences represents an identifying factor of ​womxnhood​ from various perspectives; in a space imagined and built by womxn.

Corona Extra Ticket Live Tour for Legacy Marketing

The Super Producers hired and managed in market Producers for the Corona Extra Ticket Live Tour produced and managed by Legacy Marketing. We carefully interviewed and hired each Producer for a 15 market tour. Our Producers helped to liaison communication for walkthroughs, venue management, artist communication, and A/V management.

Facebook at Grace Hopper Celebration for Clive Agency

A Super Producer worked with Clive Agency to assist in seeing their production through for Facebook at the largest Women in Tech conference, the Grace Hopper Celebration. From pre-production to execution, we assisted in managing the logistics, ordering, and shipping for elements of 2 showcases, and 30 interview booths. 

Voyager NYE Event

This collaborative Chicago event was born at Canvas Chicago. People on our team curated, produced and developed this grass roots, community driven event for 4 years. The events had multiple stages, days worth of building out unique multi-story venues, and unique public engagement; creating nights worth never forgetting. 

Activate 2018 Series

Curated and Produced with Canvas Chicago for The Chicago Loop Alliance's 2018 Activate series of four events in various unique outdoor spaces located in Chicago's downtown landscape. The theme of EVOlution commented on Chicago's erupting creative renaissance and upheld its vision to uplift community by curating concepts with co-curators Chicago-wide. The successful series worked with over 100 creatives in fashion, music, installation, performance, and art.


The purpose of this series was to create a dialogue around contemporary relationships and the power of self revelation through sexual freedom and exploration. A series of 4 events in the format of short open discussion led by internationally recognized speakers, activists, authors, directors, etc. This series showcased Mercy Mistress; a web series premiere starring a Chinese Dominatrix living in New York City, a live reading by Janet W. Hardy; Author of The Ethical Slut, a discussion on sex and relationships with Zoe Ligon and Coriama, and a conversation on love dynamics with Kitty Chambliss and Ruby B. Johnson. The Super Producers, created, designed, curated, and produced this series. More @ www.couplegoals.club

Sub Chroma 

Sub Chroma is an original Canvas Chicago event that held its space for 4 years in Chicago, as well as an iconic event for Rolling Stone's 50th Anniversary at Art Basel, Miami. This event was first concepted in the Canvas space and was brought to life and produced by some of the folks on our team along with Vincent Naples, LeftyOutThere, and Preston Jones. 

OZO Masquerade

A celebration inspired by the foundation of a traditional masquerade ball. Masquerade is defined as a social occasion for disguises. ỌZỌ invites every walk of life into a night of cultural exploration, observation, and unity. Attendees arrive in casual costume of choice, and are encouraged to create a mask that fits their persona for the evening. Masks & face painting are complimentary upon arrival. ỌZỌ provides an anonymous approach to redefining the introduction of new relationships, ego creation, cultural dignity, and connecting with new art forms.